1. Regis Francis Cmar

    I have pictures of my grandparents and close relatives from after WWI, after they came from Slovakia to find work, and they then married here. I have a picture of my grandfather receiving an award at US Steel Homestead in the 1940’s, either a 25 year service award or a WWII merit award for the plant setting steel production records. The crowd of men surrounding my grandfather in that picture look to be serious, hard working men who made the steel mill successful. And then there is a picture of the the “generations”, in 1961, as my older post WWI immigrant grandparents and I, as a child, look on, while my father graduates from Pitt on the GI Bill, after having served in WWII.

    I could not connect to transmit the pictures to digs@post-gazette.com — the response was an “invalid URL”.

    Thank you for the opportunity…Regis Francis Cmar

    • 2/18/2017

      Hi Regis …

      Thanks so much for your email. I’d love to see your pictures and hear more about your family. I’m checking on the problems with the email address.

      Meantime, you can reach me at this address (smellon@post-gazette.com) or at my cell phone, 412-779-5862.

      Thanks again for reaching out!

  2. Amy Shappell

    Thanks for posting these. Joseph Pampuch is my grandfather. He died before I was born and I have seen very few pictures of him. That tailor shop relocated to 43rd Street at some point (with a drycleaners) and the family definitely lived there. The child in that photo would be my uncle Joe.

  3. Robert Daley

    I saw Steve Mellon’s column in yesterday’s PG and would like to send a photo or two. I can’t figure out how to create an attachment at this page. Thanks.

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