Voices from the real world

Meet people whose businesses had to shift when everyone started staying home

The stay-home economy

Andrea Rush

Owner of Salon Voe

The stay-home economy

Tom Bender

President of MediaQuest


Lisa Lewis

Community solar advocate


Gina Winstead

Assistant vice president of membership development and external relations at Vibrant Pittsburgh


Alex Jackson

Founder of the Pittsburgh Chapter of Data for Black Lives


Joyce Bender

Founder and CEO of Bender Consulting Services Inc.


Hoon Kim

Founder and Lead Instructor of Pittsburgh Prep

The food business

Jennifer England

Senior program director at 412 Food Rescue

The jobs and payroll issue

Ellen Davis

Career counselor, mentor and life coach

The jobs and payroll issue

Shawn Domenico

Unemployment compensation claims examiner

The entertainment economy

Marianne Cornetti

Artistic director of Pittsburgh Festival Opera

The housing market

Matt and Kimberly Keith

Owners of MK Homes

The technology issue

Catherine Mott

Founder and CEO of Blue Tree Capital Group

Retirement and an aging workplace

Kelli Robbins

President of Contact One Communications

Retirement and an aging workplace

Jack Ryan

Financial advisor of Henderson Brothers Retirement

Diversity and minority business

Ron Hicks

President of the Three Rivers Business Alliance

Diversity and minority business

Dr. Julio Clavijo-Alvarez

Medical Doctor

Cars and the transportation issue

Gerardo Interiano

Head of Government Relations at Aurora Innovations

Cars and transportation issues

Bernie Klaja

Third generation mechanic

The education issue

Stacie Baur

Elementary school teacher

The education issue

Lyndsey Rozzi

Program manager at Pittsburgh Promise

The energy issue

Andrew Chabot

Senior Associate with BCI Technology Investments

The energy issue

Amy Bowan

Acting non-license operations training supervisor at Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Station

The pay issue

Evan McCann

Engineer and Lyft driver

The pay issue

Larry Basilone

CEO of Basilone Executive Search

Entertainment and recreation

David 'Deacon' Jones

Head of security at Tequila Cowboy

Entertainment and recreation

Hans and Virginia Gruenert

Founders of Off the Wall Theater


Nathan Zurisko

Independent investor


Stephan Mueller

CEO and Managing Partner of Localize Capital


Simone Quinerly

Quinerly Financial Group, LLC

Health spending

Cindy Siebauer

Patient at Cleveland Clinic

Health spending

Daniel Asti

Independent pharmacist

Health spending

Jan Klein

Consultant for the Allegheny County Schools Health Insurance Consortium

Jobs and unemployment

Linda Topoleski

Allegheny Conference on Community Development, Vice President for Workforce Operations and Programs

Jobs and unemployment

Shelia Givens

UPMC Montefiore, Hospital Cleaner

Jobs and unemployment

Andrea Krueger

Pittsburgh Technology Council, Director of People and Culture Initiatives