Ben Roethlisberger and Ramon Foster talk food

(Lake Fong/Post-Gazette)

(Lake Fong/Post-Gazette)

Just as Ben Roethlisberger and Ramon Foster are serious about football, so are they about food. In separate interviews during Steelers training camp, they talked about their favorite meal, diet on game day and love affair with food.

What’s the most memorable meal you have had?
Ben: “It’s probably the meal every year for my birthday. It’s flank steak cooked rare my dad makes, cheesy potatoes my mom used to make, and my wife now makes, and for dessert, we have chocolate cream pie.”
Ramon: “My mom’s lasagna, easily. It was special because of the love she put into it. It was always made on a special occasion and wasn’t just like an everyday thing. It showed up on birthdays and holidays.”

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten?
Ben: “There’s obviously the very rare sushi, and some crazy things you could have when you have sushi, but probably a few years ago, over in Scotland, we had haggis, which was very unusual. [Laughs] Just a bit, that’s all.”
Ramon: “Probably raw sushi. Coming from the South, doing it just wasn’t normal. It was hard to take down. If I can fill in with something else, I would do that. Absolutely. The [sushi] texture just does it for me.”

Did you shove it down your throat or spit it out?
Ben: “I love different types of food, and I’ll try pretty much to eat anything. But I tried haggis, I had one bite of it, and I had enough.”
Ramon: “I braved the sushi down. But it was just weird for a young black guy from the South. You don’t do that usually. It’s usually something fried.”

What will you never eat again?
Ben: “Haggis.” [Laughs heartily]

Is sushi something you would never eat again?
Ramon: “No, it’s not. I will eat it again. It will depend on the presentation and what type of fish it is.”

What do you like to eat even though you know you shouldn’t?
Ben: “I have a sweet tooth, and so I try not to eat too many sweets. But I like them and so have to really fight myself against that.”
Ramon: “Chocolate. I love chocolate, particularly milk chocolate.”

If there’s one dessert you can eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Ben: “That’s tough. I don’t think I can pick just one. But if I have to, I think I’ll go with something pretty plain and say chocolate-chip cookie.”
Ramon: “A good old-fashioned pecan pie, and don’t mess with it. I don’t want any ice cream or anything with it.”

Is there a favorite meal you like to eat when you dine out in Pittsburgh?
Ben: “It depends on what kind of a mood I’m in. I love all different kinds of food, everything from seafood to pasta, and there’s not something I don’t like, and so it’s difficult for me to pick one meal.”
Ramon: “Usually I’ll have a good steak or a lobster mac ‘n’ cheese at The Capital Grille.”

After a long day of practice, what’s the first thing you eat or drink when you get home?
Ben: “Whatever we have for dinner. I don’t go home and snack.”
Ramon: “Water. It has to be water because when I get home, I’m dehydrated. I get my mind off football and chug down water.”

What do you typically eat on game day?
Ben: “Usually not a whole lot. It’s usually a ham-and-cheese omelet, some fruit and a piece of toast. I don’t like to fill up before the game.”
Ramon: “It’s usually something light. If I do anything it’s just breakfast. I don’t want to feel heavy on game day. It’s never heavy breads. I usually have rice and chicken. Then I just ready myself for the game.”

Do you eat anything for good luck on game day?
Ben: “No, not really.”
Ramon: “No, I never have. I’m not superstitious.”

Do you do anything for good luck before going onto the field?
Ben: “I do a lot of things outside food.”
Ramon: “I used to put everything on my right side first, but now I don’t. I think the game comes to you regardless.”

What’s always in your refrigerator at home?
Ben: “Always a gallon or two of milk. We are a milk family. Also, although it’s not in the refrigerator, we have peanut butter. My wife knows I like peanut butter, and so we always have it.”
Ramon: “Cran-grape juice. Always. It’s so good, it’s my indulgence right there.”

Do you cook? What’s your favorite equipment?
Ben: “I love cooking, and it’s probably the griddle.”
Ramon: “A little bit, not much. I let my wife handle it now. It’s my coffeepot.”

Who would you love to have dinner with but have never been asked?
Ben: “I would love to have dinner with Jesus. Also, Babe Ruth and someone who has war stories and has seen a lot, like Genghis Khan or Julius Caesar.”
Ramon: “Joe Greene and James Harrison. Dinner will be whatever they want, and it will be on me.”