Bob Batz Jr.

Farmers markets

You might be surprised how much agriculture there is not far from Downtown. You might be surprised by how much agriculture there is right Downtown and at farmers markets in 120-some other places in season. And the season is longer than you might think, too, as some markets open before all the snow melts and continue right up to Thanksgiving (Beaver's goes into December). One of my favorites is open year-'round. Find them all on my annually updated list at But here are some of my picks.

Acquired tastes

In a region where a lot of people pride themselves on having their fries and coleslaw ON their sandwiches, you can expect other quirky tastes. Here are a few you might want to try. Or not.

Religious experiences

Our ascendant dining scene makes it more likely that you can have a religious experience in a great restaurant. But Pittsburgh being Pittsburgh, you still can have some great food experiences in religious settings.

Welcome inside

Pittsburgh has many charms, but she doesn’t give them all up easily. It’d be nice to have a guide. In that spirit, we present this Pittsburgh Insiders Guide. It’s our experts’ guide to finding and enjoying the best that Pittsburgh and this region have to offer, in everything from our exploding dining and drinks scene to our hottest and warmest real estate markets.