1. Janet Kushnereit

    I was told My great grandfather, Rudolph Dinger was Kaufman’s first truck driver. He was under the truck working on it, got a cold which turned in pneumonia causing his death on January 21, 1911. Leaving a pregnant wife and 2 other daughters. Kaufman’s gave my great grandmother a picture of both a delivery wagon and a new Kaufman’s truck.
    When my great grandmother was getting old and not always making sense of what she did, she gave the photo to a neighbor who was a known drunk and most likely sold it. After many attempts both my aunt and I unsuccessfully tried to find the photo. Prior to Kaufman’s going out of business I reachout to their historical department regarding the photo but they didn’t have the picture or his name listed as an employee.
    I found a letter from Hornes to my great grandfather stating they didn’t have work
    for him but would keep him in mind if something would come up. This made me
    wonder; could my family have the story wrong? Maybe he worked for Hornes not
    Do you know who the two gentlemen are that are in the photo above? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Janet Mazur Kushnereit
    Daughter of Ruth Ebert and Edward Mazur
    Great grand parants: Isabelle Wasson and Rudoph Dinger; born October 5, 1876 to January 21, 1911

    • Jacinta Powers

      I have an orange and beige tall ceramic lamp and pencil holder that says on the bottom ‘ made for the Joseph Horne co’ I want it appraised . Does anyone know what it’s worth

      • Jacinta Powers

        By the way, it says Japanese porcelain made in Hong Kong for the Joseph Horne co.
        It’s a very tall lamp and shade with what I believe to be a matching pencil holder .
        I may sell it.

  2. Diana Garmon

    I have a framed picture which shows that it was framed by Joseph Horne 22805. Is there any way to find out what who might have done the picture and if it might be worth something?

    • Kitty Carr

      Did you ever find a photo number list? We have a photo of #22035 and trying to figure out who it is in our family.

  3. Bonnie Neidhart

    I have an old Joseph Horne receipt, no date, for $2 bra and $1.50 bust pads found in old flea market vanity ( trying to date). What could be the year of this purchase?

  4. Barbara J Tweedy

    Have an old J.Happy. display lamp poorly pictured above. Any better pictures would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

  5. S C Galerneau

    I LOVED and miss their chocolate covered strawberries. They were a chocolate shell filled with a strawberry and juice. No one makes them anymore. I also miss their Christmas window displays. The animations were mesmerizing for children. I would just stare and stare as we waited for our bus.

  6. Jenn

    I have a fur coat that was my maternal Grandmother’s she was a socailite in the Pacfic Northwest region during the 30’s -40’s she was any only child and her mother was the 1st women in the Carpenters union, her husband my Grandfather was the President of the Longshoremans Union here in the PNW. The lining of the coat is silk (I believe) with amazing embroidery detail. I’m looking for history about the coat when it was made, value any other interesting facts. My Aunt has a picture of her wearing the coat while having a cocktail with Ray Charles.

  7. Donna Klein

    I have a Lenox picture with a lid that says Joseph Horne Co., Pittsburgh, PA. It is white with gold trim and is numbered 566/F.40 on the bottom. I would like to know if anyone knows anything about it.

  8. Verna Horne

    I have a purse that was purchased at the Joseph Horne company it’s brown withe alot of details int has a little brown scallop looking piece that locks the purse it always cam with I’d credit card tag with a number on it

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