1. Bryan Elderkin

    Thank you for this remnant of the area history! I grew up in Bethel Park next to ‘Coverdale’, a mining town that, like Mine 3 (back then we called that area ‘Maulnire’) had a huge slag pile.
    Could you research Coverdale’s beginnings please?

  2. Anne Murphy

    I really enjoyed reading that Bev. So different from today where it is hard to pull the same aged child from a computer, tablet or television. We made our own amusement and I remember drawing a flower on every cobble on the road as we made our garden to complement the home we had drawn on the footpath to play happy families. So many other imaginative games we played and I’m sure we were better off for it. It brought us an independence so many of todays little ones lack and we learnt at an early age to use our imagination. Those were the days!

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