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“You’re terrified your whole entire life. You’re watching behind your back, everywhere you go.”

Elizabeth Aguilar-Carroll holds close daughters Raymi, 8, and Saga, 9, on Friday while voicing her opposition to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Ms. Aguilar-Carroll joined about a dozen others who gathered outside the Grant Building, where Sen. Pat Toomey has an office. Mr. Toomey has indicated his support for Judge Kavanaugh.  (Steve Mellon/Post-Gazette)

“That’s how much lack of love there is in society right now. That’s how bad it is.”Elizabeth Aguilar-Carroll, after a motorist laughed at her homemade sign indicating she’d been sexually assaulted.



Elizabeth Aguilar-Carroll with daughters Raymi, 8, and Saga, 9. (Steve Mellon/Post-Gazette)

“You never let your kids out of your sight. You don’t trust babysitters. You don’t want to even go about a normal day’s life.” Elizabeth Aguilar-Carroll on the effects of sexual assault.



Robin Ziegler of Squirrel Hill shows support for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who said she was abused by Kavanaugh when both were teenagers. (Steve Mellon/Post-Gazette)
Annie outside the Grant Building. (Steve Mellon/Post-Gazette)

“Today and yesterday have shown us that women have to demand not only that people believe us but that they’re going to do something about it, because this is unacceptable.”Annie.



Lilan Laishley wants an FBI investigation into allegations that Kavanaugh sexually abused Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. With her is husband Bill Harman. (Steve Mellon/Post-Gazette)

“My biggest concern is that the way it’s being rushed through is that it’s actually going to taint the Supreme Court.”Lilan Laishley.