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Larry Roberts

Vinyl Lives!

The Independent Record Store Day where the community gathers to eat, drink, buy and talk about records continue in Whistlin’ Willie’s store-within-a-store at Jerry’s Records in Squirrel Hill.

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In Focus: Vinyl records live in Pittsburgh

“I went down to the sa­cred store, where I’d heard the mu­sic years be­fore….” as one of the lines reads in Don McLean’s “Amer­i­can Pie.” To many young peo­ple, the “sa­cred store” has to be ex­plained, but to most peo­ple who grew up in the 20th cen­tury, it was a com­mon place, the neigh­bor­hood record store, where peo­ple went to hear mu­sic, buy mu­sic and talk about mu­sic. View The Gallery >