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Welcome to Field Study, a sports and science podcast

field study

"Field Study" is about science, sports and society. How does science affect the way we play? We'll lend context to stat sheets, an approachable lens to lab reports and some lessons about the people behind each.


What is 'Field Study'? About the podcast

How has the science of sleep affected the way professional athletes live, train and play?

As artificial intelligence takes on larger roles in modern life, how are professional sports teams using the technology to gain a competitive edge?

From martial arts to tennis, science shows that making noise during physical activity can boost performance. So why don't more athletes do it?

What role does baseball storage play in home run likelihood? For the first time, MLB is paying attention.

What metric should decide whether women with hormonal differences can compete against other women?

BONUS EPISODE: How has the construction of MLB baseballs changed, and does it explain the modern home run boom?