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Pittsburgh pays tribute to Dan Rooney

A man wipes a tear as he exits the PNC Champions Club after paying his respects to chairman Dan Rooney during a public viewing on Monday, April 17, 2017 outside of Heinz Field in the North Shore. Rooney, 84, died Thursday.
Randall Collins of the North Side exits the PNC Champions Club after paying his respects.
Douglas MacPhail of Franklin Park adjusts his bow tie Dan Rooney gave him.
Steelers fans and friends wait in line to pay their respects.
Dan Rooney is portrayed on the screen inside Heinz Field.
Janet and James Beitler of North Versailles mourn the passing of Dan Rooney as they leave his public viewing. Beitler describes herself as a Steelers fan, “Born and raised, carried the tradition on to our kids.” Tearing up, she added, “Steelers are our family.” Rooney, 84, died Thursday.
Bishop David Zubik blesses Josephine Bricker of Gibsonia, next to her daughter, Lisa, after they paid their respects.
Former Secretary For Catholic Education Dr. Robert Paserba shows a photo of Dan Rooney while waiting in line to pay his respects.
John Butera of Waterford, Ohio, smokes a cigar next to the Art Rooney statue during a public viewing for Dan Rooney.