St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church pyrohy

Katherine Dziadyk from Baldwin and Mary Kozikowski from the South Side patiently pinch the edges of the pyrohy filling trays and trays of pyrohy Wednesday, Mar. 3, 2021, Pittsburgh.
Genny Mural from Brentwood pinches the edges of the pyrohy with a tray full of filling for the pyrohy in front of her.
Irene Czornij Mathews from Balwin covers a tray full of pyrohy ready for the freezer.
Margie Klimko from Brentwood keeps track of the pyrohy orders in an office adjacent to the kitchen.
Diane Vargo from Hazelwood sifts the flour that will make the next batch of dough for the next batch of pyrohy.
Colored clothespins help keep track of the packaged pyrohy at St. Johnís Pyrohy Kitchen.
Russell Szagala uses a rolling cutter to cut the circles of dough for the pyrohy
Father Yaroslav Koval runs the dough through a dough flattener to prepare the dough for cutting; while Russell Szagala waits to pull it onto a prep table.
Father Yaroslav Koval prepares dough to run through the dough flattening machine while making pyrohy.
St. John’s Pyrohy Kitchen located in the basement of the social hall of St. John the Baptist Ukranian Catholic Church on the South Side is run by church volunteers and where countless pyrohies are made.
Volunteers gather every Wednesday at St. John’s Pyrohy Kitchen to make pyrohy on the South Side.