How Catholic schools are doing providing five-day in-person instruction

Updating how Catholic schools are doing with providing five-day in-person instruction at Seton LaSalle Catholic High School in Mt. Lebanon.

Mr. Phil McCaffrey teaches his freshman pre-geometry class in-person and virtually.
Students learn in-person and virtually in Miss Courtney Choura’s geometry class.
Plexiglass separates rows of computers inside Seton LaSalle’s computer lab.
A sensor-activated water fountain that is used by students to fill their water bottles has replaced traditional water fountains.
Guidance counselor Judy Caves sits in her office. A screen of plexiglass on her desk separates her and her students and chairs for students are pushed back farther than usual to ensure social distancing.
Mr. Christopher Chapman teaches his sophomore English class in-person and virtually from inside the school auditorium.
Freshman Nicholas Brown takes a pre-geometry pop quiz with his classmates.