PGH Plate


Roast Chicken Soup: As you need to tone things down a bit this year, this simple soup could be the calming factor.


Frozen Hot Chocolate: Who says hot chocolate has to be hot? This frozen concoction is the dream drink of Taurus.


Feta Garbanzo Bean Salad: For the twins, it will be a year of wanting more of everything, so be wise when it comes to food choices.


Lump Crab Quiche: You are naturally drawn to seafood and to crab in particular.


Shredded Potato Casserole: You are looking to emit a gentler vibe and fit in with the crowd this year, so turn to this homey potato casserole.


Strip Steak With Earthy Butter: Leave it to you to find that one special ingredient that makes an ordinary dish spectacular.


Pickle-Back Martini: This dry martini oozes elegance, charm and good taste just like a Libra.


Spicy, Sweet Goat Cheese Melt: Just like the sign, a secretive and explosive flavor hides inside the sandwich.


Muhammara: Same-old, same-old is never a chapter in a Sag’s life. Instead, it’s always about new adventures.


Sicilian Pork: Trends and fads can smack Capricorns in the face, but they will remain traditionalists.


Quinoa Chili: Aquarians have a quirky side, so why not make a chili with quinoa?


Ginger-Cashew Blondies: Pisces are known to be original and inventive and put a new spin on the ordinary.