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Pittsburgh Red Cross Hero Awards 2016

At the annual Red Cross hero award breakfast, local heros were awarded among seven categories. These men and women were among those honored.

Robert M. Jones, Jr., received the Red Cross Educator Hero award. He is the President and CEO of Brothers and Sisters Emerging under the organization of Garfield Youth Sports.

Dr. Jim Withers received the Medical Professional Hero Award. He is the founder and medical director of Pittsburgh Mercy’s Operation Safety Net, which has provided medical care to approximately 10,000 homeless by going to them.

Members of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Firefighters Edward Podgorski, Benjamin Sovyak, Lt. James F. O’Toole and Nathan Oliver received the Red Cross Firefighter Heroes Award.

Lisa C. Epps, a fire inspector with the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire, was awarded the Red Cross Community Leadership Award for teaching fire safety and working with the Red Cross in its Home Fire Campaign to install free smoke alarms in city homes.